The Best High Paying Gold Affiliate Program that Pays $100k a Month


Looking for The Best High Paying Gold Affiliate Program?

Do you want to earn money fast from affiliate marketing?

Are you aware that you can make money by promoting this high paying affiliate program?

Affiliate marketing is one of the easiest ways to make money online: no college degree is required, no need to pay any fees, almost everyone qualifies and you can get started today.

Best of all, gold affiliate programs offer some of the biggest commissions in the business.

Don’t worry; today, I am going to show you The Best High Paying Gold Affiliate Program that Pays $100k a Month.

In this easy to understand blog post, I will show you the highest-paying gold affiliate program you can join right now.

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Let’s get started.


1. What is a high paying affiliate program?

Here is why you need to sign up for high paying gold affiliate programs, like the one offered by Regal Assets.

According to the website High Paying Affiliate Programs, it is highly recommended “…to sell high ticket products to earn large commissions. In fact, that is why I created this website, which focuses primarily on high-end affiliate products, several years ago.”

The site goes on to say that: “The truth is that in the affiliate marketing world, it takes the same amount of time, energy and effort to sell a product or service that pays you a commission of $1,000.00 than it does to promote a product that only pays you $19.95. You may not believe that now, but it’s true.

It’s not only equal in terms of work involved, but sometimes it is even easier since most people choose to market the seemingly low-hanging fruit of low-ticket sales. That leaves many high-end products exposed to less competition for you to carve out your share.”

So there you have it: high-paying affiliate programs offer the best commission and rewards. No nickel and dimes.

Being a high-paying affiliate partner gives you many benefits with minimal effort.

It’s a dream job!

Why settle for nickel and dimes when you can make big money?


2. What is the Regal Assets Wealth Partner Program?

This program is the Regal Assets Wealth Partners affiliate program. This is one of the best affiliate programs in the market!

Regal Assets is a successful IRA Company.

Regal Assets was founded by Tyler Gallagher.

Regal Assets mission: 

“The company started its operations with a small investment and a big vision: to simplify, innovate and rejuvenate the alternative assets investment landscape which was still operating under heavy bureaucracy and unnecessary hurdles.”

“Regal Assets aims to be every investor’s one-stop shop when it comes to metals and cryptos investing. The company, however, specializes in helping individual investors add metals and cryptos to their investment portfolios and retirement accounts. In fact, since its foundation, the company has helped thousands of Americans transfer an existing IRA, SEP, 401(k), 403(b) or TSP plan into metals and cryptos.

Regal Assets also provides a wide selection of products for investors interested in purchasing outside their retirement or investment accounts.”

With potential commission of up to $100k a month or more, the Regal Assets gold affiliate program is one of the most rewarding affiliate programs with the highest commission.

Wouldn’t you want to be apart of this mission?


3. What does this program want to accomplish?

Regal Assets wants to help people invest in gold and protect their retirement account. 

“RA Wealth Partners is Regal Assets’ official affiliate network & JV portal for financial professionals and marketers alike. Whether you want to promote Regal Assets’ offers to your audience and earn healthy commissions, or you want to JV with Regal Assets and benefit from selling your financial products through our proven ecosystem, RA Wealth Partner’s experts will guide you every step of the way to maximize your chances of success.”

While being apart of this awesome brand, you are also earning a high commission just by promoting their business. 


4. Who qualifies as an affiliate?

Anyone can qualify as an affiliate.

You can be an affiliate today. Click here to get started today.

You don’t have to have a masters degree or a bachelor’s. You can be an affiliate today.

Regal Assets states: “Our affiliate partners come from various walks of life. The program has been designed for anyone that has the ability to attract potential investors to our offers. Most of our affiliates fall in one of these categories: Online Marketers, Sales Experts, or Offline Marketers”


5. What is Regal Assets Wealth Partners’ Mission?

Regal Assets Wealth Partners have a mission. Their mission benefits thousands of people. 

Their mission: “Our mission is to become the premier destination for alternative assets in the US and worldwide. Investors and retirees are constantly looking for ways to diversify their portfolios and invest in non-traditional asset classes. For the past decade, Regal Assets has been very successful at providing some of these unique investments to investors and retirement account holders. Investments that are usually reserved for the elite, HNW and UHNW individuals are now going mainstream thanks to Regal Assets and its RA Wealth Partners program.”

With their noble mission, Regal Assets Wealth Partners affiliate program has become one of the most trusted gold affiliate programs.


6. Why should you join this program? 

There are so many reasons as to why you should join this program.

1. Hungry Audience

With government spending out of control, trillions in debt, and paper money backed by nothing, the world economic outlook has never been as uncertain as it is today.
People are looking to alternative assets to protect their retirement from another meltdown like we saw in 2008.

2. Great Commissions

We offer the industry’s highest payouts (by far), including pay-per-lead, pay-per-call, and revshare for the life of the customer.
We have brand partners earning over $100,000 per month, and dozens more earning $10,000 – $50,000 per month.

7. How much can you make from this program?

You can earn as much as you set your heart to. If you want to earn $1,000,000, with hard work, you can earn it.  Here are some testimonies from Regal Assets Wealth Partners

“When it comes to earning potential for affiliates, the sky is the limit. We put no cap on earnings, and our results speak for themselves. See some of our recent affiliate partners’ successful earnings below:”

RA 21 earned: $103,016.98in a single month

RA 95 earned: $91,386.01in a single month

RA 516 earned: $50,306.75in a single month

RA 133 earned: $48,587.31in a single month

RA 1222 earned: $47,265.38in a single month

8. What do you get paid from?

You get paid on both sales and leads.


 Up to $100 per verified
email lead, or per call.


3% of total investment amount.
Avg Sale = $65,000
Avg Earned = $1,950


 An additional 2% on all
sales referred by a
partner you sign up under you


9. How much money has Regal Assets paid out to their affiliates?

Regal Assets has paid out millions to their affiliates. Yes, you heard it right. MILLIONS!

Don’t you want a piece of that million?

Here’s how much money they’ve paid out in total.

Business Referred:


Commission Paid:


Now you see the magic in this affiliate program. 

10. Which prominent figures have endorsed Regal Assets?

Many prominent figures have endorsed Regal Assets. Many of which include: Dennis Miller, Laura Ingraham, and Lars Larson

“The only company I trust with the process is Regal Assets”


“Do your research and request your free investment kit from Regal Assets”


“With an A+ rating from the BBB, Regal Assets is the company you can trust”


These trusted figures have personally dealt with Regal Assets and they love it. 


11. Where is Regal Assets rated in the affiliate world? 

Regal Assets is rated highly in the affiliate world. 

They are the #1 company in the gold investment world. 

Partner up with the #1 rated company in the Industry

“Throughout the past decade, Regal Assets grew to become the top-rated company in the alternative investment industry (see our detailed ratings and reviews below). If you are accepted into our JV partner program, you will have access to the following game-changing benefits:


As you can see, they are a well-liked company. 


12. Where do you sign up?

The Regal Assets Wealth Partner program offers the highest affiliate commissions.

Now wonder Regal Assets has the best gold affiliate program in the world.

The Regal Assets affiliate program offers the easiest opportunity to make money online: no college degree is required, no need to pay any fees, almost everyone qualifies and you can get started today.

Now that you have seen all the evidence showing how spectacular this company is, you want to start making money?

Great, all you have to do is register.

Go to 


The Best High Paying Gold Affiliate Program that Pays You $100k a Month – Final Words

As I’ve previously stated before, Regal Assets is the best gold affiliate program that can bring you and your family a lot of wealth without the hassle.

I think you will find many benefits in signing up for this program.

Tell me how you liked this program in the comments down below!


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Best High Paying Gold Affiliate Program


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